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Current project of choice: Delaunay triangulations

Wikipedia summarizes better than I could: "A Delaunay triangulation for a set P of points in a plane is a triangulation DT(P) such that no point in P is inside the circumcircle of any triangle in DT(P)"

For those of you less familiar with geometry and the like, this means that for some set of points where no three points are on the same line, there is a way to connect the points so that any circle touching the three vertices of any particular triangle contains none of the other points.

I've been working at implementing one of the algorithms described in this paper. The divide and conquer algorithm presented took a bit to fully understand, but now the goal is to get it working right. The past few weekends have been kept busy with other things, so it's still a work in progress.

For those who are curious about the why of this: I am planning on making a music visualizer that generates a mesh and has vertices move according to frequencies present in some song. From there, I will have vertices moving along that maintain a connection to the nearest point on the mesh. I think it will come to be an interesting exercise in geometry!



IxOS booted into what will eventually be a kernel! Self-written bootloader jumped to compiled C and everything continued swimmingly. Putting together a compilation of what I've learned so far and how I've done what I've done.


Made a ruleset for the cellular automaton simulator that makes it act as a computer! Of course, that particular ruleset doesn't behave like a cellular automaton, but it's still neato. Short gif of it running is here


The Colonies playtest is over now (A bit later than planned, I was having fun playing.) This means the server is down, and the download link is no longer valid either. Now begins the adding of more features (chat's in and working already!)


Wrote a program to simulate Game of Life, extensible to any other cellular automata. Source to it is on Bitbucket here and some images of it in action are here and here


My Colonies (and chat system) database code is at a workable state! I went over what exactly I've written here.


Started real work on the website!


Made a building for Colonies, click here to see it

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